The Ten Commandments of the Democratic Party

We are the lords thy gods which have brought thee out of the land of prosperity and into the house of bondage:

THOU SHALT have no other gods besides us.

THOU SHALT make graven images of us in any likeness in (our view of) heaven above, the earth beneath or the water under the earth and shalt freely worship said images.

THOU SHALT bow thyself down to them, to serve them, for we, your gods are jealous gods visiting iniquity upon all who do not bow the knee to the Democratic Party, upon the children unto the third, fourth, fifth, sixth and yes, even the seventh generation of those we hate. And feigning mercy upon Thousands of them that love us and keep our commandments.

THOU SHALT not take our name in vain; for we the lords, your gods, will not hold him guiltless that taketh our name in vain.

THOU SHALT forget the Sabbath day and keep it profane. Six days shalt the labor be of those who must financially support our followers. But the seventh day shall also be a day of labor to increase our tax base.

THOU SHALT bring dishonor upon the mother and father by attending schools like Berkeley and Evergreen College, where THOU SHALT spew nonsense, innuendo, and falsehood, without fact checking and also seek to divide the races one against the other; for we are a party of mistruths and hate, sewing division wherever our feet or policies doth trod.

THOU SHALT kill: The fetus shalt be removed from thy womb in a procedure paid for by those who work (and thus oppose us); THOU SHALT demean and take the lives of those who dress in blue uniforms.

THOU SHALT commit adultery, engaging in sexual acts with any gender and publicly proclaim that monogamy is blasphemous to your gods.

THOU SHALT steal. THOU will rob the widows and orphans of their dignity, THOU SHALT take from those who work and give to those who do not. THOU SHALT empty social security and pension accounts and use them to fund profane projects. THOU SHALT steal from employers and businesses. THOU SHALT take for thyself whatever THOU desire.

THOU SHALT bear false witness against thy neighbor, thy president and elected officials who do not represent our party. THOU SHALT fabricate on college campuses across the land and show thy indoctrination gladly to all who stand astonished at your ignorance.

THOU SHALT covet thy neighbor’s house, wife, cars, property and anything that thy neighbor acquired through hard work.

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The words fascist and fascism have been bantered about by the Main Stream Media and the left for several years. Their pseudo-definition is puerile an inaccurate.

The left uses the word Fascist to describe the following: If you do not agree that an unwanted full term baby should have its head crushed and its body dismembered before being ripped from the womb, you are a fascist. If you believe that all men are created equal but must take personal responsibility to achieve success, you are a fascist. If you believe that all lives matter, you are a fascist. If you think the government shouldn’t take control of health care then force you to pay for the health care of others and for health insurance you can no longer afford, you are a fascist. If you are white and don’t embrace all the policies of the left, you are a fascist. If you believe in free speech, including the right to challenge the teachings of the left you are a fascist.

Of course, none of the definitions described above are accurate. The word fascist has become much like the word racist. Both have lost their true meaning and are simply used to silence honest dissent.

Fascism has a long history and its meaning has become vague over the years.

But, in its simplest meaning, fascism is when a government or group or society controls the lives of the people, business and labor, using very harsh control or authority and disallows any dissent or opposition to its positions, policies or authority.

There are many perfect examples of this in modern America. The Affordable Care Act took control of health care and health insurance with ridiculous mandates, and forced the populace to purchase unaffordable health insurance, with high deductibles. When businesses like hobby lobby complained they were castigated.

When the IRS targeted conservative groups during Obama’s tenure, denying them the tax exempt status of groups from the left, it was fascism.

When a group of ignorant Berkeley students, riot and set fire to parts of the Berkeley campus because their wee little minds cannot bolster enough brain cells to intellectually defend their positions against a gay, foreign, conservative, it is fascism.

Breaking glass, destroying buildings, attacking people who are different should bring to mind a painful part of history. But, I guess it’s perfectly acceptable for the Berkeley student fascists to conduct their modern day version of Kristallnacht.

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The Death Of My Son Bryan White

It has been exactly one week since the Lord chose to call my son Bryan White home to heaven. A week of shock, devastation and heartbreak, combined with visits with family and friends, hundreds of phone calls, funeral plans, viewing my son’s body, the actual funeral and now begins the aftermath.

My son Bryan was a very gentle soul. Fiercely loyal to his family, Bryan was also the most compassionate young man I have ever known. It was his compassion and empathy for the less fortunate, the hurting wounded souls that made my Bryan much like Jeremiah the Weeping Prophet.

Bryan did not just feel the sadness of others. He experienced it fully. He sought to understand it. In doing so he often created for himself a life of sadness and despair. If Bryan said he felt your pain, he meant it. He was in anguish for those who were hurting. This made him, at times, somewhat morose. But if you really knew Bryan you understood he felt the weight of the world on his shoulders. He wept and he prayed. He occasionally became angry with God over the suffering, but these moments of anger were brief, as Bryan understood that Jesus also wept.

Bryan had a genius level IQ. As a small child he would carry around a dictionary that weighed nearly as much as he did. He would read and study every single word. He would cross-reference the words defining a word. He was never satisfied until he had the complete grasp of every word in the entire dictionary. Needless to say he had an astounding vocabulary.

Bryan not only carried a dictionary but by the age of eight he had books on physics, chemistry, algebra, geometry, calculus, advanced biology, Spanish, history and a myriad of other subjects. When I taught him Koiné Greek, he devoured the subject and within a matter of days had mastered the alphabet and key components of the language.

Bryan wanted to be a biologist and researcher. He wanted to solve problems, cure disease and make broken people whole. He dreamed of counseling people.

Bryan was a first class musician. He taught himself to read music and play piano at an expert level. He could play classical, jazz, country, ragtime, gospel and many other styles. He played them all perfectly with passion and even empathy for the song or instrumental he was playing at the time.

His favorite musician, Keith Green was a Christian musician who also died young. Bryan loved his music. Bryan’s favorite Keith Green piece was The Prodigal Son Suite. He played it perfectly. It was this twelve plus minute song we played at his funeral during a slideshow of his life.

The world has suffered a great loss with the passing of my son. Sadly, they will never know the blessing he was or could be.

As a father I feel an overwhelming grief and sense of loss. There is a Bryan shaped hole in my heart. There is something so unnatural about a father outliving his son. It seems so unfair to have Bryan die before me.

But in a sense his death and departure has left me with another lesson taught by my son. Bryan loved Jesus as His Savior. Bryan has taught me the truth about God the Father’s agony as he sacrificed His only Son to save us all. I now fully understand the sense of loss, the agony, the despair of a Father giving His Son. I could not do it.

As I write this it will be exactly one week since his mother found his body. In only a few more minutes this anniversary will be realized. Soon it will two weeks, a month, a year and then years. The sorrow I feel now will not lessen with time, it will only become more appreciated by me as I remember my son and the void now in my life.

Poets write of joy and sorrow. For me it is summed up in one name: Bryan Thomas White.

Daddy loves you Bryan.

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How The American Income Tax System Works

There are ten students in a classroom taking their final exams. The test contains 100 multiple choice questions dealing with a variety of subjects taught throughout the school year. When the students finish a teacher’s aide collects the tests and begins verifying each student’s answers for accuracy. The results are as follows:

Three students, who studied and worked very hard, answer all questions correctly.

Two students, who studied and worked fairly hard, correctly answered 90 out of one hundred.

Two students, who studied a little, correctly answered 70 out of one hundred.

One student, who copied some answered off another students test, correctly answered 50 out of one hundred.

One student, who randomly guessed the answers to each question, correctly answered 30 out of one hundred.

One student signed her name on the test and turned it in without answering any of the questions.

The teacher then graded the test and gave the test results to the respective students.

The three students who answered all the questions correctly had their scores reduced by 40% as it was unfair to other students who had not studied as hard. These three students were awarded a D.

The two students who answered 90% of the questions correctly had their scores reduced by 30% and were awarded a D in order to lessen the affect their scores might have on the esteem of those who did not work as hard.

The one student who answered 50% of the questions correctly was awarded a 10-point bonus for taking the test and awarded a D.

The one student who answered 30% of the questions correctly was awarded a 40-point bonus for answering all the questions.

The student who answered none of the questions was awarded a 100-point bonus for spelling her name correctly on the test and thus rewarded an A+.

This, my friends, is how the American Income Tax System really works.

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Five Reasons Why Obama Does Not Deserve Your Vote

Deciding which Presidential candidate to vote for on November 6, 2012 should be an easy proposition. Obama must go. For me the decision gets down to five simple points.

Point one: Jobs. Obama claims he has created 5.2 million new jobs since taking office and the employees of China and India are grateful for the jobs. But in the United States the October unemployment rate rose to 7.9% nationally. This number looks bad enough but when you look at the U-6 numbers provided by the United States Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics the real state of the economy looks like a train wreck.

The U-6 numbers include those who have given up looking for work, those who are underemployed and those who are forced to work part time. According to an August 2, 2012 CNBC article:

Nevada’s U-6 rate is 22.1 percent, up from just 7.6 percent in 2007. Economically troubled California has a 20.3 percent real rate, while Rhode Island is at 18.3 percent, more than double its 8.3 percent rate in 2007. Source.

These job numbers occurred under Obama’s watch. He blames his predecessor. If he wants to continue this charade let him do it from the unemployment line.

Point two: Federal debt. On July 3, 2008 Obama said that adding $4 trillion to the debt was unpatriotic. He has added nearly $8 trillion since taking office and could double that number if given a second term. Fire him for admitting he is unpatriotic.

Point three: Obamacare. Through backroom dealings and partisanship Obama ignored the will of the American people and seized 20% of the economy. Americans will now be forced, under threat of fines and imprisonment, to allow the government to choose their quality of care. This anemic solution has led to explosive debt, expansive government and rationed health care everywhere it has been tried. Terminate Obama for his failure to learn from history.

Point four: Anti-business policies. American businesses are failing at an appalling rate. Spend a day driving through your community and take note of the number of businesses that have closed. Obama has made it quite clear he believes businesses are evil. He would rather support the corrupt unions who filter millions into the Democratic Party than those who create the real jobs. Support business by ridding us of big government bureaucrats like Obama.

Point five: Derision and divisiveness. Despite Obama’s claims he would work with Democrats and Republicans alike, he has been the most partisan and divisive President in United States history. He will not involve members of the opposition in policy making. He has vigorously fought to make sure job creators, successful people and the wealthy are subject to hate and ridicule. He claims small business owners are not responsible for their own success.

Obama is not a leader. He is an arrogant, abusive, autocrat. The United States is not an autocracy it is a representative republic. Obama does not represent the people. Vote him out of office.

Four years ago Americans voted for change. They got Obama. Now we need to give Obama a change: a change of address.

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Afghan girl ‘beheaded for refusing prostitution’

I realize it isn’t politically correct to disparage the murderous religion of Radical Islam or to speak against its founder, but when I see the Taliban shooting a little girl in the head for questioning their murderous ways or Muslims beheading a teenager because she refused to become a prostitute, I become incensed.

In thinking about Radical Islam I am reminded of a certain False Prophet mentioned in Revelation 13:6; 16:13; 19:20 and 20:10.

I know I should be silent in order to avoid a spontaneous demonstration involving AK-47s, rocket propelled grenades, swords, knives and nuclear material outside my home but come on…evil continues when left unchecked.

The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

This quote, attributed to Edmund Burke, is thoughtful, but not quite true. Good men don’t sit idly by and allow evil to flourish. Good men react and put evil down.

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A New Look at Abortion

Since Roe v. Wade went into effect in 1973 until January 2012, it is estimated there have been 54,559,615 abortions in The United States. Looked at another way, this chosen method of birth-control gives birth to the following possible statistics:

Number of abortions: 54,559,615. Equal to fourteen to forty times the number of Jews slaughtered at Auschwitz.

Average weight of aborted baby 1.5 lbs.: 81,839,423 pounds of human flesh destroyed or 40,290 tons.

Volume of aborted babies: 112,263 cubic yards. The volume of an average dump truck is 5 cubic yards. It would require 22,453 dump trucks to carry the bodies.

Average length of aborted baby 6 inches: This would leave a trail of tattered, torn, disposed flesh and organs 327,357,690 inches or 27,279,808 feet or 5,167 miles long. Laid end to end, this would leave a trail from Phoenix, Arizona to Boston, Massachusetts and back to Albuquerque, New Mexico. Looked at another way, you could have a line of aborted babies stretching from earth to the International Space Station 22 times.

54,559,615 abortions: like wiping out the entire populations of Arizona 6,482,505, Oregon 3,831,074, Washington 6,830,038 and California 37,691,912.

If you have a brain it should make you think. If you have a heart it should make you weep. If you have a soul it should make you care. If you want to make a difference, choose life.

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A Roll of the Dice

There is a lot of talk today in political circles about paying your fair share. While the notion of “paying your fair share” is generally directed at the wealthy, the term “fair share” has never been clearly defined.

According to the National Taxpayers Union, the top ten percent of wage earners, those earning above $112,124 annually, pay 70.47% of the total percentage of Federal Personal Income Tax Paid;  the bottom fifty percent of wage earners, those making less than $32.396 annually, pay 2.25% of the total percentage of Federal Personal Income Tax Paid. Source.

According to the likes of Obama, Biden, Reid and Pelosi, those paying the most, the highest percentage and greatest amount, are not paying their fair share, while those paying the least are somehow being unduly burdened; thus, their definition of unfairness.

Does their definition of fairness make sense?

The top ten percent of wage earners do not receive a greater value for their forced contribution to the federal coffers. They do not get more roads, more military, more law enforcement or more services. It could be argued they don’t get more or better schools as they often decide to fund private education, as well as contributing tax dollars for public schools. The fifty percent shouldering 2.5% of the total burden do receive the same number of roads, military and law enforcement, but they receive more in the other services, free medical care, food stamps, educational grants as well as other financial benefits. The former loses the full value of their risk and hard work, while the latter gains the value of another’s success.

I have heard others declare that having wealth is like being lucky in the great cosmic game of life. If you are wealthy it is not because you earned it, but because some unseen force somehow chose you to have success. In other words it is a roll of the dice.

I disagree with their analogy and offer one of my own.

The tax climate of today is a very unusual dice roll. I liken it to a weird game of craps. A wealthy woman walks into a casino with money she earned through hard work, personal sacrifice, investment and risk. She decides to risk some of her earnings at the crap tables. But first she has to pay a fee to further risk her money. The house takes 33% of her bank and redistributes it to other people in the casino to bring equity to a fifty percent of the casino population or those who make less than $32,396 per year.

The woman places her bet (risk) and throws the dice. The dice come up with snake eyes and she loses her bet (risk). She places another bet, rolls seven, a winner, and doubles her bet (risk). The casino pays her in chips, but not before taking 33% of her winnings and redistributing it to others. She takes the risk and others get the benefit.

The casino owner then calls the woman out over the loud speaker and berates her for not paying her fair share.

There will come a day when those of us who are successful will stop rolling the dice and let the chips fall where they may.


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Are you racist simply because you are against Obama’s failing policies?

If Obama was white would you still be upset that the federal deficit has nearly doubled in the first forty-four months of his presidency?

If Obama was white would you still be upset that his administration is forcing religious organizations to violate their conscience and subsidize abortion?

If Obama was white would you still be upset that his tax proposals will put a further unsustainable burden on the middle-class?

If Obama was white would you still be upset that his administration has pushed the most Machiavellian abortion policy in U.S. history?

If Obama was white would you still be upset that he turned his back on Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and chose instead to appear on a television talk show?

If Obama was white would you still be upset that his anti-Israel policies are harming Israel, our only true ally in the Middle East?

If Obama was white would you still be upset over his multiple lavish vacations, near weekly golf outings and other taxpayer subsidized frolics while so many Americans are losing their homes, jobs, savings, and retirement accounts?

If Obama was white would you still be upset that there are over 3 million fewer people working today than when he took office in January 2009?

If Obama was white would you still be upset with the current state of the economy and the number of unemployed?

If Obama was white would you still be upset that he was mentored by Communist party member Frank Marshall Davis?

If Obama was white would you still be upset that he associates with known terrorists, such as William Charles Ayres, a co-founder and member of the communist revolutionary group called the Weather Underground , and numbers them among his close friends?

If Obama was white would you still be upset that his policies have fomented anti-American radical-Islamic reactionaries around the world?

If Obama was white would you still be upset that he lied and attempted to blame the cause of the September 11, 2012 Benghazi attack on a little known anti-Islamic film?

If Obama was white would you still be upset that his administration denied multiple requests for increased security at the Benghazi embassy?

The answer to all of the above questions is yes. I would be upset regardless of color.

The truth of the matter is this: my principles are color-blind. My principles are not based on my own racial makeup of white, black, Cherokee and Choctaw. My principles are not based on the racial makeup of President Obama.

Principles respond to the message and action of others. Consistent principles respond consistently.

Those who attempt to cast the opponents of Barack Obama’s failed policies as racists are themselves disingenuous, intellectually dishonest and racist. Calling others racists because of disagreements over Obama policies, and the results of those policies, is akin to saying we must ignore and overlook any Obama shortcomings simply because he is black. This is the real racism.

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Which Came First the Chick-fil-A or the Egghead

In this country it is not safe to hold opinions in opposition to the firmly stroked beliefs of America’s far left. To hold and express beliefs according to your Christian faith can open you to outrageous attacks and ridicule. You are not an acceptable member of American society unless you are anti-gun, anti-traditional marriage, anti-life, anti-taxpayer, anti-free enterprise, anti-freedom, anti-conservative, anti-Christian and anti-traditional values. Dan Cathy, the president of Chick-fil-A discovered this to be true when he had the audacity to voice his deeply held personal beliefs about gay marriage.

Cathy stated, “We’re inviting God’s judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at him and say we know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage. And I pray God’s mercy on our generation that has such a prideful, arrogant attitude that thinks we have the audacity to redefine what marriage is all about.”

The far-left erupted, spewing threats, hateful comments and even going so far as to state Chick-fil-A is not welcome in certain communities.

On July 19, 2012, Actress Ellen Barkin responded by saying “I love everybody…except u right wing f******g morons.”

Model Adrianne Curry, tweeted, “If Jesus were real&he (sic) came back…he would bitch smack the crazed far right…and s** on the Vatican’s stairs”

Rahm Emmanuel, in an effort to get the public’s attention off of Chicago’s rising gang violence and murders, decided doing nothing to prevent murder and mayhem was more in line with Chicago values than traditional marriage. He made it clear that government should punish free-speech, in violation of the U.S Constitution and First Amendment, by stating he wanted to block Chick-fil-A from building a new restaurant in Chicago.

Over the next few weeks we will continue to hear from belligerents on the far-left. They will shout, threaten, scream, block, intimidate and violate sacred rights in their attempts to dissuade anyone from having the nerve to express views contrary to their own. At the same time they will mock small business owners, stating that it was not their own hard work that made them successful. They will shout “death to conservatives” and prevent hard-working six-year-olds from opening lemonade stands.

They will do anything to appear to win their argument…except use logic, reason and accepted forms of persuasion. In their minds, the most brutal and unjustified attacks against those who hold alternative views is proof of a superior argument. Why should the far-left use logic and reason when threats, intimidation and shouting have been so effective in shutting down the rights of others?

The far-left demands diversity. But their diversity does not include opposing views. The far-left demands the acceptance of gay marriage, but they present no compelling reason for doing so. They don’t even present an argument. Their rebuttal is a simple: if you do not agree with our views it is because you are stupid, ignorant, hateful, mean and ugly; your views should prevent you from running a business, owning a business, doing business, holding a job, exercising your Constitutional rights or being welcome in our society.

But their rebuttal is not a rebuttal at all. Many people believe the louder you shout the more valid the argument. But in reality, higher volume, insults and profanity are directly related to the weakness of your position.

Dan Cathy never really posited an argument. He stated his beliefs. His personal beliefs have not affected who gets hired at Chick-fil-A. His personal beliefs have no influence on who gets served at Chick-fil-A. His personal beliefs have no effect on anyone else whatsoever. But, if you disagree then present your reasons for disagreement, engage in the public discourse.

If your response to another’s personal beliefs is so rabid, ugly, irresponsible and disingenuous that you seek to destroy them simply because you disagree, perhaps you should reexamine your adherence to views you seem unwilling to rationally defend.

If you disagree with me don’t kill me, convince me of my error.

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